onsdag 4. april 2012

My corner of the world…♥

I have readers and friends from all over the world. Some of them ask me if I can show some more pictures from my neighbourhood. So, here it is guys – my corner of the world!


The pictures are taken on a cold, wet and foggy morning in the beginning of April. I love the drama the fog creates. The dim light, the silent sounds and the sense of complete peace of mind. I love the way it calmes me down…


my house

my home

my heart


The sign at the door speaks loud and clear; you are welcome!


One must also take care of the little ones. When it snows, have a heart – feed the helpless birds!


…and suddenly the sun breaks through…


…providing more drama, more beauty and more spectacular views!

IMG_7072 copy

This was a quick look around my neighbourhood. I don’t have a lot of neighbours, as you can see, but the neighbours I have are wonderful. That’s really all I need.

Raudøya copy

And when the night closes in and the sun sets, well – I know that I could never live anywhere else. Last night offered the most beautiful scenery; the sun and the snow came at the same time, giving us a moment we will never forget!

Thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood! And remember;

you are always welcome!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Forstår godt at du synest dette er himmel på jord!

    God påske :)

  2. Flotte og fantastiske bilder, og plass du bor på... ღ Ønsker deg en riktig God Påske, stor klem fra Mette


Tusen takk for at du legg att ei lita helsing til meg! Det set eg stor pris på!